VelSys is the best solution for storing, accessing and investigating Checkshot Velocity data online.

From any browser, you can search all of your data with password protected access. Licensed surveys are downloadable in industry standard LAS format, as well as original scans for when you need to verify any geometries that don't line up with your workstation project.

If you have original surveys taking up room in a physical storage facility, we can scan and database them for you. These proprietary surveys will only be accessible to your company.

At Velocity Databank, we store more than just TD charts. You will have access to full Checkshot survey geometries, giving you the most accurate representation of original reports possible.

There are several ways to search your data, including map-based search, text search and UWI search. Also included is a layer for your GIS mapping software so you can search within your existing system. A link is provided within the GIS layer that gives you direct access to your data and scans.

As a VelSys subscriber, you will have access to:

  • Scanned Original surveys
  • Much more than just TD charts, all geometries are databased
  • Secure, private storage
  • Storage of proprietary information, only accessible by your company
  • Over 20,000 surveys worldwide
  • An exploration layer in your own GIS mapping software
  • Cloud-based redundant databasing; no more decomissioned servers or lost data

Contact us for further information. We would be happy to setup a demonstration to show why VelSys is the answer to your Checkshot Velocity survey storage needs.