Checkshot Database

With over 15,000 Checkshot Velocity Surveys, comprehensive software to work with check-shot data, and a variety of data licensing programs, Velocity Databank can meet all of your Checkshot data needs. At Velocity Databank, data quality is the top priority. Our database features:

Data Quality

  • Over 90% of surveys from non-interpolated sources
  • Full suite of header information
  • Contractors data quality grades

Data Quality Controls

  • Each survey goes through two independent manual checks to assure all relevant data has been entered and keyed in correctly
  • Over 35 computer checks are then made assuring data standards and searching out possible errors

Data Access

  • Specific M.I.S format
  • Velcomp format
  • All work station formats including:
       »GeoQuest / Schlumberger

VelComp Software

All Checkshot database clients receive our VelComp Software. VelComp's design and features are user driven, resulting in the most comprehensive Checkshot software package available today.