Vel3 3D Velocity Database

Vel3 can be used as a geologically constrained base velocity model, including picked horizon ties, for your exploration project.

Independent tests have shown Vel3 to be the most accurate earth velocity model available today.

Covering several areas of interest:

  • Permian Basin
  • GOM
  • More in production


Install VDBX Install VDBX

Having installation trouble? Install guide here.

VDBX is our Velocity Database Extraction program that comes with Vel3.

  • Convert a series of time horizons to depth.
  • Extract a pseudo checkshot from any location within the Vel3 database.
  • Create a time-depth chart for the extracted checkshot.
  • Convert a series of depth horizons to time.
  • Compute interval velocity between horizons.
  • Create a SEGY image file based on velocity.
  • Model velocity.

Vel3 Permian

Permian Basin

A data volume covering ≈65,000 square miles, Velocity Databank has divided the Cube into 1 hour by 1 hour grids, for easy licensing.

License just 1 grid or license them all.

Each grid starts at 50 milliseconds, is incremented every 50 milliseconds, down to 4000 mils using 1320’x1320’ grid node spacing.

Our tightest gridding done to date!

Pricing made easy

Grid Price per Grid
A $8,625.00
B $11,500.00
C $21,500.00
D $22,625.00
E $3,625.00
F $9,000.00
G $28,375.00
H $39,625.00
I $25,375.00
J $11,125.00
K $12,500.00
L $18,625.00
M $30,250.00
N $28,375.00
O $5,500.00
Q $7,000.00
R $14,125.00
S $15,625.00
T $7,875.00
Total: $321,875.00

What comes with each grid?

  • Checkshot derived Velocity Volume
  • VelComp software (most current version) configured for MS Windows.
  • VDB will deliver VDBX software (most current version) configured for MS Windows at no charge during the first two years of this license.
  • A 1320’x1320’ grid of each horizon, within the selected area, in both two-way-time and depth.

Permian - Wolfcamp horizon in Depth

  • Wolfcamp (Depth)

Contact us at for more info.

Vel3 Permian optionally includes horizon picks across West Texas and New Mexico from:

  • Yates
  • San Andres
  • Delaware Lime
  • Tubb
  • Bone Spring
  • Coleman Junction
  • Wolfcamp
  • Pennsylvania
  • Strawn
  • Atoka
  • Mississippian
  • Devonian
  • Silurian
  • Ellenburger
  • Basement

Along with the database itself, you will also recieve:

  • Bathymetry map at a 3 second arc
  • Basement map at a 3 second arc
  • Correctional Velocity map normalized to near-surface checkshot data

Vel3 GOM

View Vel3 GOM Version V Maps

Vel3 GOM covers the Gulf of Mexico continental shelf. It consists of a series of velocity layers beginning at 200 milliseconds, and incrementing in 100 millisecond steps down to 13000 milliseconds. Each layer consists of a series of 0.5 x 0.5 mile grid nodes. Vel3 GOM was created using over 11,000 check-shot surveys and compaction rate predictor locations.

Vel3 SEG-Y

Vel3 SEG-Y is a bin-for-bin match of your load sheet calls extracted from one of our existing earth velocity models. Each file contains a base seismic model with reference horizons already picked and ready to compare and interpret. Specify a sample rate and you will recieve 4 SEG-Y files containing Depth, Interval, Average and RMS velocity.

  • Vel3 Vinterval extraction loaded as a base model to a 3D SEG-Y Volume

  • Using RMS functions extracted from SEG-Y Vel3 substantially reduced the time required to pick these semblances.