VelComp version 3.6

Install VelComp Install VelComp

Download VelComp (requires .NET 4)


New Features:

  • Integrated API Search (see the Search menu)
  • Integrated Text Search


  • Generate Time-Depth Charts
  • Graphically display data
  • Graphically edit data in Va, Vi, Vrms, or depth domains
  • Graphically display multiple surveys
  • Create Composite Velocity Functions from multiple surveys
  • D-C shift data
  • Convert Depth to Time
  • Model Interval Velocity
  • Export flat ASCII files
  • Input and edit surveys
  • Change reference datum
  • Change correctional velocity
  • Choose data interpolation method

Export Templates

If you would like any other template for export, contact us and we will help get your survey formatted correctly.