Multi-Survey Options window

Multi-Survey Options window


1 . Show Survey Names checkShow Survey Names check

Show Survey Names check

Show the survey name on the right Y axis of the Multiple Survey Graph Canvas


2 . Show Survey Sources checkShow Survey Sources check

Show Survey Sources check

Show the Survey type on the right side Y axis of the Multiple Survey Graph Canvas


3 . Use MutliColors checkUse MutliColors check

Use MutliColors check

Currently Disabled

4 . Selected Curve Color buttonSelected Curve Color button

Selected Curve Color button


5 . Show Active Only checkShow Active Only check

Show Active Only check


6 . Client areaClient area

Client area


7 . Show Data Point Symbols checkShow Data Point Symbols check

Show Data Point Symbols check


8 . Apply buttonApply button

Apply button


9 . Show Horizons checkShow Horizons check

Show Horizons check

Show horizon markers on the multiple survey canvas



10 . Done buttonDone button

Done button


11 . Enable Mouse Selection checkEnable Mouse Selection check

Enable Mouse Selection check