TD Processing window

TD Processing window

This dialog is used to process the surveys.   The processing generates files with the extension ".td" which contain basic information on wells and other data in tabular or columnar form.


1 . Batch/Interactive optionBatch/Interactive option

Batch/Interactive option

To process particular files; select the files from the list. Batch is for processing more than one file. The user can highlight multiple files to be processed. When batch is chosen, several variables will be desensitized; only "Time Step" can be changed. The interactive option is for one file only, so the behavior of the list box changes to permit the selection of one and only one file at a time. In "interactive" mode, the datum adjustment dialog is sensitized.


2 . Original/Sliced optionOriginal/Sliced option

Original/Sliced option

Processing a file computes average (Va), interval (Vi), and root mean square (Vrms) velocity for each time-depth pair. These data are presented in the first page of the output T-D Chart. If "Slice" mode is selected, all time-depth pairs are interpolated at 100 millisecond time slices. Va, Vi, and Vrms are then computed based on the time sliced values. If "Original" mode is selected, then Va, Vi, and Vrms are computed based on the time-depth pairs as originally sampled.

In both "Batch" and single file "Interactive" mode, the user can resample the survey data by slicing it every 100 milliseconds. Remember the User Setup dialog defines the type of interpolation used for slicing. See Interpolation Method for Slice.


3 . Start/End Time <read only field> Start/End Time <read only field>

Start/End Time <read only field>

The start and end times are listed for the interactive single file. You cannot modify these fields via this dialog; they are read-only. If you wish to modify these times, you must edit the survey either graphically under Display or through the TD Input/Editor.


4 . Time StepTime Step

Time Step

You may choose the time step used in generating the td tables.

2-10 milliseconds


5 . Datum/Correction Velocity/Surface ReferenceDatum/Correction Velocity/Surface Reference

Datum/Correction Velocity/Surface Reference

In the interactive mode, you can change the datum and/or correction velocity. To reset these text fields to their original values, reload the survey by clicking on its name in the list box. By adjusting the datum, the point of origin from where all time-depth pairs are referenced is changed. Lowering the datum below the first time-depth pair may result in a computed negative time. VelComp automatically removes these computed negative time-depth pairs.


6 . Save As... buttonSave As... button

Save As... button

Opens the Save as Dialog


7 . Process buttonProcess button

Process button

Create TD-Charts

8 . Column Format (2T Depth) checkColumn Format (2T Depth) check

Column Format (2T Depth) check

Check to Output a T-D Chart as Time Depth

Pairs in lieu of a Matrix layout

9 . Print buttonPrint button

Print button

Print T-D Charts

10 . View buttonView button

View button

View T-D Chart