User Export Format window

User Export Format window

The Export dialog exports Time/Depth/Velocity functions from a non-standard source ASCII file to an LAS ASCII 2.0 formatted file.   By deselecting the default format option, a user export format window appears.   Within this window, the user can define the type of information available within the non-standard data file such as well header information, data parameters, curve values, and curve units on a line-by-line selection process.   Once the export file format has been defined, the user will save it by selecting the save as button.  


1 . Variable Name ListVariable Name List

Variable Name List

Used to Add up to 40 Header Lines to output

2 . Preview checkPreview check

Preview check

Check to display a preview of any Output Line

3 . User String checkUser String check

User String check

Insert a user defined string to an output line

4 . Open... buttonOpen... button

Open... button

Open a file select save dialog

5 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Release Window and apply the settings

6 . Edit Directly checkEdit Directly check

Edit Directly check

Check to sensitize the Variable and C format text boxes

User can edit directly

7 . Cancel buttonCancel button

Cancel button

Release Window. Do not apply the settings

8 . LengthLength


Set the number of characters for a Variable or User String

9 . Clear buttonClear button

Clear button

Clear the entire Definition Line

10 . Output Line ListOutput Line List

Output Line List

Can define up to forty Header lines

11 . Undo buttonUndo button

Undo button

Undo last Definition Added

12 . Add Next buttonAdd Next button

Add Next button

Add a Definition

13 . Justify groupJustify group

Justify group

Left or Right Justify the selected variable