Single Survey Options window

Single Survey Options window


1 . Show full path names checkShow full path names check

Show full path names check

Shows File Path Filename in the selection List Box

2 . Remove SelectedRemove Selected

Remove Selected

Remove Selected Surveys from the list box - will not clear Map

3 . Remove ALL UnselectedRemove ALL Unselected

Remove ALL Unselected

Remove Unselected Surveys from the list box -will not clear map

4 . Edit checkEdit check

Edit check

Check to edit or model data

Must be in Original Mode to edit


5 . Depth=>Time...Depth=>Time...


Open Depth to Time Dialog

Quick Reference gets a time at any given depth


6 . PrintPrint


Print a single survey Vint/Va/Vrms Graph

Checking the All box will print all surveys in the list box

7 . Horizons... Horizons...


Add a set of Horizons (Markers) to a survey






8 . DC Shift...DC Shift...

DC Shift...

Adjust the Reference of a survey



Add or Remove Time Depth from a survey


Checking Static will adjust the survey by the delta in only the

selected domain.   In static depth domain you must give

a Velocity to be used in the computation

9 . Mud...Mud...


Adjust a survey to Mud Line (strip off the water)



Give the Water Depth and water velocity



10 . Depth vs. Time checkDepth vs. Time check

Depth vs. Time check

Redraw Graph to:

                                                X axis = Time

                                                Y axis = Depth

11 . Velocity DomainVelocity Domain

Velocity Domain

Sets the Velocity Domain to be displayed in the

Multi-Survey Window


Sets the Velocity Domain to be edited in the

Single Survey Window

12 . Time Or DepthTime Or Depth

Time Or Depth

Sets the Y axis of the Single Survey Graph Canvas to Time or Depth


13 . Edit HorizonsEdit Horizons

Edit Horizons

Edit Horizons on the Single Survey Graph Canvas