Velocity Databank

Velocity Databank Inc. provides the most extensive Checkshot Velocity Databases available to the Exploration Industry.

Using our virtual map database search engine or our text based database search engine, you can instantly search any area for the velocity surveys you need. So give it a try, we think you will find it a serious time saver; and remember, our databases are continuously being updated.


Download Velcomp or Get VelComp Help


  • Generate Time-Depth Charts
  • Graphically display data
  • Graphically edit data in Va, Vi, Vrms, or depth domains
  • Graphically display multiple surveys
  •

VelSys is our over-the-internet database system that puts our VelComp velocity editing software, scanned images of the original survey pages and digital las of the checkshot data on your desktop.

The QuickLook tools are geophysical calculators that are used to assist in the fine tuning of your interpretation.

For further information regarding our products and services, feel free to contact us at:

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